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Blessed corn growers in small and medium plots, Mu Shen introduced small and medium-sized corn harvesters

Author: Agricultural pass Zhao Huan Release Date: 2019-11-27 dimensional code sharing

2006 年便已经批量上市。 As one of the pioneers of the domestic corn harvester industry, Xinyan Co., Ltd. has been listed in batches as early as 2006 . 5 行机和 8 行机已经牢牢占据了国内中高端玉米收获机市场的主要份额,积累了大批的忠实用户。 Relying on the quality and reliability of the product and high yield, the Mushen corn harvester has developed rapidly in major corn growing areas such as Xinjiang, Northeast China, and Inner Mongolia, especially the 5- row and 8- row machines have firmly occupied the domestic high-end corn harvest. The main share of the mobile phone market has accumulated a large number of loyal users. 2006 年便开始使用牧神玉米收获机,一用便是十多年。 Many users have been using Mu Shen corn harvester since 2006 , and it has been used for more than ten years.

4YZB-3A 型自走式穗茎兼收玉米收获机。 With the rapid popularization of the North China Plain corn harvester, in order to bring the Mu Shen corn harvester to more users, Xinyan Co., Ltd. has entered the North China Plain market in the past few years, and has launched the Mu Shen 4YZB-3A type according to local user needs Walk-type panicle harvester. This product has outstanding features such as high operating efficiency, good reliability, and low impurity content of the harvested corn stalks, which solves the functional needs of customers who want to recover corn stalks at the same time and recycle corn stalks at one time. Once launched, it has been widely recognized by Central Plains users.

3 行机升级到 4 行机,新研股份紧跟市场动向,于 2018 年推出了牧神 4YZB-4B 型自走式穗茎兼收玉米收获机,市场供不应求。 In the past two years, the demand for corn harvesters in the North China Plain has been upgraded from 3 rows to 4 rows. Xinyan shares closely followed the market trends and launched the Mu Shen 4YZB-4B self-propelled ear-stem and corn-harvesting harvester in 2018 . The market is in short supply. 4YZB-4C 4YZB-4D 以及 4YZB-6A 三款玉米收获机。 In order to let users in North China Plain have more choices, Xinyan Co., Ltd. has devoted itself to research and development, and has recently launched 4YZB-4C , 4YZB-4D and 4YZB-6A corn harvesters. These three products, while inheriting the excellent genes of the Mu Shen series corn harvester, have a more compact body structure and are more suitable for the needs of users in small and medium plots in the North China Plain.

This series of corn harvesters are designed to meet the characteristics of different corn producing areas in China, and can be equipped with different corn ear harvesting headers. 4 行摘穗辊割台、 4 行板式摘穗割台以及 6 行板式摘穗割台。 Includes 4 rows of picking roller headers, 4 rows of plate header harvesting headers and 6 rows of plate header harvesting headers. 4 行摘穗辊割台采用成熟的辊式割台设计,作业效率高,适应性好,割台断茎杆少,前端拨禾链露出植株茎秆抓取更高效,柔性摘穗冲击小果穗损伤小,前置滚刀秸秆预处理秸秆处理效果更佳,该割台大量适用于早熟玉米收获区。 Among them, the 4- row ear picker header adopts a mature roller header design with high operating efficiency and good adaptability. The header has fewer broken stems. The front end of the reed chain is exposed to the plant stalks for more efficient grasping and flexible ear picking impact. The small fruit ears have less damage, and the pre-hob straw pretreatment straw has a better treatment effect. This header is suitable for early-mature corn harvesting areas.

6 行板式摘穗割台为不对行收获割台,不受行距限制,适用于不同行距种植区玉米收获。 The 4-row and 6- row plate-type ear picking headers are opposite-row harvesting headers, which are not limited by row spacing, and are suitable for corn harvesting in different row spacing planting areas. It adopts a cylindrical six-edged pull-stem roller to support ear picking boards. The header has high operating efficiency, good reliability, and low failure rate. After supporting the extension of the stalk tip and the lengthened reed chain, the harvested lodging corn performs better.

4YZB-4C/4YZB-4D/4YZB-6A 自走式玉米收获机配套德国林德静液压驱动系统,驱动力强,运行平顺,可靠性高,一杆操作实现从零到极限速度的体验。 In terms of walking systems, the Mage God 4YZB-4C / 4YZB-4D / 4YZB-6A self-propelled corn harvester is equipped with German Linde hydraulic drive system, which has strong driving force, smooth operation and high reliability. One-shot operation achieves the speed from zero to the limit. Experience. And it is equipped with a domestic high-quality manufacturer's drive axle gearbox system, which has high reliability and good adaptability. According to different needs, this series of models can also be equipped with a four-wheel drive walking system, which has stronger adaptability, greater driving force, and climbs through trenches. Such as flat ground, no longer be troubled by slopes. 340mm, 接近角离去角均达到 23° ,免除了上下坡的后顾之忧。 Xinyan Co., Ltd. fully considers the special characteristics of agricultural machinery operations. The small ground clearance of this series of corn harvesters is as high as 340mm, and the approach angle and departure angle are all 23 ° , eliminating the worries of downhill. Considering the convenience of user operation, the first gear of the working gear is in place, and the stepless speed change operation is simpler.

This series of corn harvester is also equipped with a high-quality and high-efficiency horizontal peeling machine newly developed by Xinyan Co., Ltd. The rubber roller and cast iron roller are more efficient in peeling, the peeling is cleaner, and the high-quality rubber roller is more wear-resistant. Grain cleaning is optional with dual screening of shaker screen and fan, which reduces the loss of grains and improves the cleanliness of grains. At the same time, for different post-harvest field treatment effects, a broom coat shredder and wind-selected grains can be optionally selected, and the field effect of broken broom coat is better. 2.9m3 ,卸粮高度达到 2.3m, 液压倾翻系统,可折叠果穗滑板能持久作业,为快捷卸料提供有效保障。 In order to achieve higher harvesting efficiency, this series of models is equipped with an increased high-unloading ear box. The effective volume of the grain silo is as high as 2.9m3 , and the height of the unloading grain is 2.3m. Materials to provide effective protection.

4YZB-4C/4YZB-4D/4YZB-6A 自走式玉米收获机可根据用户的喜好选配玉柴以及潍柴发动机, 190 马力发动机配套 4 行摘穗辊割台,秸秆预处理让收获机动力更充沛; 175 马力板式割台配清选筛让收获机的燃油经济性更高。 In terms of performance, Muyang 4YZB-4C / 4YZB-4D / 4YZB-6A self-propelled corn harvester can be equipped with Yuchai and Weichai engines according to the user's preferences. The 190 horsepower engine is equipped with 4 rows of picking roller headers and straw pretreatment. Make the harvester more powerful; 175 horsepower plate header with cleaning screen makes the harvester's fuel economy higher. ECU 控制系统,功能针对农机作业工况开发,适应性强;进气系统采用三级沙尘滤,过滤更高效,适应恶劣作业环境,四气门结构,进气更充分,燃烧更高效。 The fuel system uses an electronically controlled high-pressure common rail, with high injection pressure, high low-speed torque, good atomization, and excellent economy; the electronic control system uses an ECU control system, which is developed for agricultural machinery operating conditions and has strong adaptability; the air intake system uses Three-stage sand and dust filtration, more efficient filtration, adapt to harsh operating environment, four-valve structure, more sufficient air intake, more efficient combustion.

4YZB-4C/4YZB-4D/4YZB-6A 自走式玉米收获机配套全新设计的正压驾驶室,冷暖一体式空调自由选配,再也不受酷暑和寒冷天气作业的折磨。 In order to meet the driving comfort requirements of the new generation of agricultural machinery, the Muyang 4YZB-4C / 4YZB-4D / 4YZB-6A self-propelled corn harvester is equipped with a newly designed positive pressure cab, and the cooling and heating integrated air conditioner is optional. Free from the heat and cold weather. And the cab is better closed, and dust and noise can be well isolated. It also uses combustion pre-injection technology, double-balanced vibration reduction technology and high-precision meshing transmission wheels to make it less vibration and noise, and the vehicle is more comfortable to drive. Equipped with an intelligent electronic fuel delivery pump, it has an intelligent maintenance reminder function to make users more worry-free during use.

As everyone knows, the Mu Shen series corn harvester has always been the representative of the domestic high-end corn harvester market. At the same time it has high-quality product quality and the price is slightly higher than other domestic corn harvester products. The small and medium-sized corn harvester products introduced this time will not only meet the needs of small and medium-sized plot users in terms of applicability, but the product price will also make greater concessions, more in line with the economic capabilities of local users. 4YZB-4C/4YZB-4D/4YZB-6A 系列自走式玉米收获机在 2020 年将成为华北平原玉米收获机市场的一匹黑马,快速提升牧神玉米收获机在华北平原的市场占有率。 It is believed that the newly launched Mudshen 4YZB-4C / 4YZB-4D / 4YZB-6A series self-propelled corn harvester will be a dark horse in the North China Plain corn harvester market in 2020. Market share of North China Plain.

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