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Insist on innovation and continuous improvement, Mu Shen leads the domestic high-end green forage harvester market

Author: Agricultural pass Zhao Huan Release Date: 2019-11-01 dimensional code sharing

Since 2015, under the guidance of the national grain reform feed policy, the development of the domestic green forage harvester market has entered a long-term stable growth period. In the face of this blue ocean market, the agricultural machinery companies that are in the downturn period of the agricultural machinery environment seem to have seen the bright light, and many companies have launched green forage harvester products, among which are major companies with technical skills in harvesters. Combine harvester factory and corn harvester manufacturer .. At the major agricultural machinery fairs in recent years, different brands of low-end green forage harvesters can be seen everywhere.

However, the green forage harvester that wants to be launched in a short time is only a low-end product after all. With the rapid development of domestic animal husbandry, the quality of green feed (water content, sugar content, grain crushing rate, and degree of kneading) of large-scale farms is becoming more and more strict. This requires the performance and harvest of green feed harvesters. Significantly improved efficiency. However, most of the low-end green forage harvesters and grain crushing systems produced in China are not enough, so most large-scale silage plantation bases or farms choose to import green forage harvester products.

However, the high price of imported green forage harvesters is not acceptable to all users. So does China really not have a domestic brand, low price, reliable quality, green forage harvester quality pass? The answer is yes. Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design, manufacturing and sales of agricultural and animal husbandry machinery. 1960 年的新疆机械研究所,是新疆转制的科研单位之一。 Its predecessor was the Xinjiang Machinery Research Institute, which was established in 1960 , and is one of the scientific research units transformed by Xinjiang. 年整体改制为股份有限公司,于 2011 1 月成功登陆深交所创业板,是一家农牧机械制造行业上市公司。 The company was restructured as a joint stock company in 2009 , and successfully landed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's GEM in January 2011. It is a listed company in the agricultural and animal husbandry machinery manufacturing industry. It launched the green forage harvester product in 2005 and has a very high reputation in the Xinjiang market.

4YZ-3000A 青饲料收获机、牧神 4QZ-2200A 青饲料收获机等产品在国内青饲料收获机市场已经脱颖而出,成为国产高端青饲料收获机的代表。 With more than ten years of technology accumulation, New Research has continuously improved and upgraded its Mage Shenqing forage harvester. The upgraded version of Mage God 4YZ- 3000A forage harvester and Mage 4QZ-2200A forage harvester introduced in the past two years have been upgraded. The product has stood out in the domestic green forage harvester market, and has become a representative of domestic high-end green forage harvesters. The quality of harvested green fodder has reached the requirements of large-scale farms, and compared with products of foreign brands, the price can be accepted by more users. It is currently a popular middle and high-end green forage harvester product in China.

4QZ-3000A 青饲料收获机的忠实用户。 Ma Cunxin of Xinjiang Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture is a loyal user of Muqin 4QZ-3000A green forage harvester. 2014 年便开始购买牧神 4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机产品,这一用便是 6 年。 Ma Cunxin has been purchasing Muqin 4QZ-3000 green forage harvester products since 2014 , and this use is 6 years. CLAAS 这种外资青贮机收的,国内的青贮机收的青饲料根本不合格,没有牛场爱要。后来与一个客户聊天,发现他的青饲料居然是国产青贮机收的,看着质量与外资品牌的几乎没什么区别,当时我特别感兴趣,与他聊了很多。在他的介绍下,我认识了牧神的青贮机产品,不仅质量可靠,收获的青饲料品质居然如此好,这让我非常动心。” "I .. I bought and sold dry green fodder. At the time, I felt that good green fodder was collected by foreign-owned silages like CLAAS . Domestic silages were not qualified at all. I found that his silage was actually collected by a domestic silage machine. Looking at the quality, there was almost no difference between foreign brands. At that time, I was particularly interested and talked a lot with him. Under his introduction, I met Mu Shen's silage machine products. Not only is the quality reliable, but the quality of the harvested green fodder is so good, which makes me very tempted. "

4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机进入青饲料收获服务行业。 It was under this coincidence that Ma Cunxin decided to purchase a Muqin 4QZ-3000 green forage harvester to enter the green forage harvesting service industry. 4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机为他创造了两年的收益,平均每年作业 2000 多亩,马存新对收益情况还是十分满意的。 This animal husbandry 4QZ-3000 green forage harvester has created two years of income for him, with an average annual operation of more than 2,000 acres. Ma Cunxin is still very satisfied with the income situation. 年,马存新了解到新研股份又推出了升级版的牧神 4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机,了解到新产品的诸多改进升级后,这让他心痒难耐。 In 2016 , Ma Cunxin learned that Xinyan has launched an upgraded version of the animal husbandry 4QZ-3000 green forage harvester. After learning about the many improvements and upgrades of the new product, it made him feel very upset . 14 款的牧神 4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机,购买了一台全新的 2016 款牧神 4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机。 In the end, Ma Cunxin sold 14 models of Mage God 4QZ-3000 green forage harvester and purchased a brand new model of 2016 Mage God 4QZ-3000 green forage harvester.

2016 款的牧神 4QZ-3000 青饲料收获机在为他任劳任怨的工作了三年之后,又被他无情的“抛弃”了,因为他看中了新研股份 2019 年推出的全新款牧神 4QZ-3000A 青饲料收获机。 Ma Cunxin is a “ loving new and tired old” person for agricultural machinery equipment. After three years of hard work and resentment for the 2016 model of herdsman 4QZ-3000 green feed harvester, he was “rejected” ruthlessly because he liked Xinyan shares. The new model 4QZ-3000A green forage harvester launched in 2019 . "The quality of the Mage God silage machine is really good. I just like to use new machines and feel the new technology, so the two were sold for this reason. As far as I know, I sold the early silage machine. The machine is still working well in other people's hands, there is nothing wrong with it. "

2019 款的牧神 4QZ-3000A 青饲料收获机.吸引马存新的地方便是饲草处理方面。 The 2019 Mage God 4QZ-3000A green forage harvester. The convenience of attracting Ma Cun is a forage treatment. 4QZ-3000A 具备每小时 30 吨至 60 吨的饲草收获能力,效率非常高。 It is reported that Muqin 4QZ-3000A has a forage harvesting capacity of 30 to 60 tons per hour , which is very efficient. The vertical clamping feeding device has a forward and reverse function, which can reverse the discharge when the material is blocked, saving time for troubleshooting and improving operating efficiency. A new type of corn seed crushing device is installed, which can crush the complete corn kernels. Feeds such as rods and stems will become more finely crushed and softer after being crushed by the crushing rollers, effectively improving the digestibility and utilization of the feed. ( ) 贮饲料,并且确保饲料切断长度一致。 The integrated harvesting table realizes harvesting in different directions, and can harvest green ( yellow ) storage feed in different planting modes , and ensure that the cut length of the feed is consistent. 7 50 毫米多级调节物料长度,调节范围广,满足饲养牛、羊等牲畜不同的饲料需求。 The feed shredder adopts a knife-wheel structure, which realizes multi-stage adjustment of the material length from 7 to 50 millimeters, with a wide adjustment range, which can meet the different feed needs of cattle, sheep and other livestock.

2019 款的牧神 4QZ-3000A 青饲料收获机还配备了电子控制的集中润滑系统,青贮机工作时会定时向主要部件打润滑脂。 In addition to better forage handling capacity, the 2019 Mage 4QZ-3000A green forage harvester is also equipped with an electronically controlled centralized lubrication system, which regularly greases the main components when the silage is in operation. It solves the problems of users neglecting maintenance or inadequate maintenance. At the same time, it reduces the user's labor intensity, reduces the maintenance time, and greatly improves the equipment operation efficiency. It is in the continuous innovation spirit of Xinyan Co., Ltd. that the green fodder harvester produced by it is more and more in line with the needs of current users, and can only gain the recognition of a large number of loyal users like Ma Cunxin.

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