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Mu Shen 2BMSFZ-2 No-Till Precision Fertilizer Seeder

Introduction—— This machine is matched with a 30-50 horsepower four-wheel tractor, which can complete ditching, fertilization, seeding, covering, cracking and other multi-step operations at one time. Electronic control system adds intelligent seeding monitoring device, electronic display ...

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该机与 30-50 马力四轮拖拉机配套,可一次完成开沟、施肥、播种、覆盖、镇压等多工序作业 1. The machine is matched with a 30-50 horsepower four-wheel tractor, which can complete ditching, fertilization, seeding, covering, cracking and other multi-step operations at one time .

、防止风蚀、水蚀,蓄水保墒,抗旱效果显著。 2. Prevent wind erosion, water erosion, water storage and water retention, and significant drought resistance.

、秸秆腐烂还田,土壤有机质增加,恢复地力,提高肥料利用率。 3. The straw rots back to the field, soil organic matter increases, restores soil fertility, and improves fertilizer utilization.

、作业时动土少,减少土壤水份蒸发,提高土壤水份利用率。 4 , less soil movement during operation, reduce soil moisture evaporation, improve soil moisture utilization.

、整台机器通过链轮配比改变株距,在 20cm-40cm 范围内可调,只要改变链轮传动比,就可将整台机器的各行株距改变。 5 , the entire machine through the sprocket ratio to change the plant spacing, adjustable in the range of 20cm-40cm , as long as the sprocket transmission ratio is changed, the entire machine can be changed in each row of plant spacing.

、原装进口指夹式玉米排种器(美国进口)和施肥开沟圆盘(西班牙进口,采用特种硼钢制造,经过强韧化工艺,防止变形和断裂),行走及传动轮胎(美国卡莱尔)。 6. Original imported finger-type corn seed metering device (imported from the United States) and fertilizing and grooving discs (imported from Spain, made of special boron steel, and strengthened and toughened to prevent deformation and fracture), walking and driving tires (Carlisle, USA) ). 5km 提高到 8km, 提高工效 50% 以上,省肥、省种、省功。 Compared with the traditional no-till seeder, it has a strong ability to dig into the soil, is more accurate, sturdy and durable. Under the same quality, it advances from 5km per hour to 8km, which improves the work efficiency by more than 50% .

、播种单元为四连杆机构,实现整机挠性重心稳定设计,且整机水平稳定性可靠; 7. The seeding unit is a four-link mechanism, which realizes the stable design of the flexible center of gravity of the whole machine, and the level stability of the whole machine is reliable;

、可更换排种器耕种作业不同农作物。 8. Replaceable seeder for different crops. The finger clip seeder can be replaced with a brush seeder to sow crops such as soybeans, mung beans and sorghum.

、整机由我公司的光纤激光切割机、脉冲气保护焊机、数控折弯机和火焰等离子切割机等一批先进、精密的现代化生产设备加工而成,保证了产品的精度、刚性及动态稳定性。 9.The whole machine is processed by a batch of advanced and precise modern production equipment such as our company's fiber laser cutting machine, pulse gas shielded welding machine, CNC bending machine and flame plasma cutting machine, which guarantees the accuracy, rigidity and Dynamic stability.

强化四连杆连接,实现高速作业下的更稳定、采用进口灭茬波纹盘,切断和清理种床秸秆和杂草,疏松种床土壤, 可适应不同的土壤环境。 10. Strengthen the four-bar connection to achieve more stability under high-speed operation. Imported stubble corrugated discs are used to cut and clean the seed bed straws and weeds, loosen the seed bed soil, and adapt to different soil environments. 型镇压轮,设置轮子的排布和缝隙得到良好的合沟效果。 The V -shaped crushing wheel, the arrangement of the wheels and the gap are set to obtain a good ditching effect.

、加强加厚的新款肥箱、种箱均采用大容量设计,更加省时、坚固耐用。 11. The new thickened fertilizer box and seed box are designed with large capacity, which is more time-saving and durable.

、电控系统增加智能播种监测装置,电子显示大屏,实时监控:播种数量、种箱剩余量、肥箱剩余量和公顷数均可在显示屏显示。 12. The electronic control system adds an intelligent seeding monitoring device, a large electronic display and real-time monitoring: the number of seeding, the remaining amount of the seed box, the remaining amount of the fertilizer box and the number of hectares can be displayed on the display screen. High-power voice broadcast system, clear voice broadcast. For fault reporting: The seeder has too much operating speed, and the remaining amount of fertilizer in the seed box and fertilizer box is insufficient. The monitoring system will give different warnings and voice broadcasts to avoid missing seeds, fertilizer leakage and misjudgment, saving time Save effort and worry.

Product parameters:







Type of fertilizer

Double Stir Cage

Scope of application

No-till and conventional sowing of corn full straw mulch

Fertilizer opener type

Open single disc

Supporting power (kw)

30-50马力)拖拉机 22-37 ( 30-50 horsepower) tractor

Fertilizer amount adjustment range

公顷) (Kg / ha)


Level 13

Number of job lines (rows)


Straw wheel type

Two-way involute gear tooth

Adapted line spacing (mm)


Soil loosening and weeding type

Corrugated disc

Mounting with tractor


Profile wheel type

Widened hollow rubber wheels on both sides

×高(毫米) Overall dimensions length × width × height (mm)


2020 × 2020

× 1480

Seeding depth adjustment range (mm)


级,每级5毫米 17 steps , 5 mm each

Machine weight (kg)


Covered Roller Type

型设置窄空心 V -shaped setting narrow hollow

Rubber wheel

.Large working weight (kg)


平方厘米) Repression strength adjustment range (g / cm2)

4 350-850 , level 4

Seeding device type

Finger clip

Seed box volume (liter)

65 liters

千克) (About 50 kg of seeds)

Adjusting range of seeding distance



Level 13

Fat box volume (liter)

210 liters

千克) (About 150 kg of fertilizer)

Seeding effect index ( % )

,无碎种, Single grain rate ≥ 96 , no broken seed,

Qualification rate of plant spacing

小时) .Good operating speed (km / h)


Seeding opener type

Double disc

小时) Operating efficiency (hectares / hour)



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